How I became Managing Director at Stramec.


In the context of strategy development and IT projects, and based on my varied knowledge, personal experience, my exact, quick, and clear analyses, my respectful handling and quick grasp – and awareness – of personal situations, trusting relationships have often developed with commissioning clients and team members.

Creating a foundation of trust

On the basis of this personal trust, and depending on the situation, there were always totally confidential sparring and coaching discussions. While I can say that there are actionable solutions in every situation and at every stage, these aren’t necessarily easy, effortless, or immediately feasible. But with the right commitment, things always work out.

Interesting personality profiles

For several years now, I have been a licensed INSIGHTS MDI® practitioner, creating and analysing personality profiles. In certain personal situations, these personality profiles can provide additional insights.

Certain things are good to know before - and while - you’re climbing the career ladder.

What to consider

The business world has always defined itself in the various industries and functions by specific spoken and unspoken demands, rules and behaviours.

The hierarchy ladder

The higher someone rises within a company’s hierarchy, the more important it is to know these demands, rules, and behaviours at the appropriate levels. By level-appropriate, this means that the “rights” and “duties” differ at Group, Department, Corporate, Executive Committee, and Board of Director levels.

The demands remain

Certain demands, however, remain the same no matter what the management level. For example, managers expect their staff to find thoughtful, prepared, and actionable solutions to problems. Because at the end of the day, it’s the results achieved that count – not the forecasted results.

Finding the right solution for everyone is an art …

It is neither easy nor possible to meet all requirements in every situation at all times.

It’s about the greatest fit!

Strategie-Team-Kultur Diagramm

Always wanting to do everything on your own. Faster and faster. More and more. Too much at once.

New to it

Perhaps it’s because someone is new to in a particular role and has the necessary expertise but lacks the corresponding functional experience …

Do good and talk about it - again and again

Or maybe it’s because "Success Selling" isn’t a given for everyone – despite it being the ‘Age of Constant Communication’ …


Or perhaps you have to take care of everything personally.

Too much at once

Do too many issues have to be dealt with at once, making it difficult to know whether or not you can “make it”?

Faster and faster

Or maybe it’s because newer, greater, and ever-faster demands are being placed upon you …


Perhaps someone doesn't fit the role and is therefore feeling overwhelmed …

Change announced

Or maybe it’s because the environment is simply no longer a good fit, and a personal change is imminent …