Patient Journey App

Patient Journey App

Product and man­u­fac­turer-neutral everything from a single source: technical specification, tendering and man­u­fac­turer selection, process-definition, design, testing, training, life-cycle services and communication.

The central software

Software from providers with hospital experience is a key prerequisite for the successful implementation of a modern Patient Information and Entertainment System (PIES).

A comprehensive project

In order for this proven Software as a Service (SaaS) to be fully effective, the corresponding requirements, processes, interfaces and connections, equipment, training, communication, supplier management, service level definitions, etc. will be needed.

End-to-end project management with us

To avoid your having to deal with all the subprojects, milestones, and suppliers yourself, we take over the overall project management by providing “all-round, single-source, worry-free” project management.

Independent and neutral

Stramec Solutions AG is entirely product- and manufacturer-independent as well as platform-neutral.

For your benefit

With this "General Contractor Approach", we effectively and efficiently unburden our customers – and always from the hospital and the patients’ point of view. We look forward to working together!

PIES/PJA Organisation

PIES/PJA Organisation Diagram

PIES/PJA Technology

PIES/PJA Technology Diagram