Read what the clients have to say:

Managing Director:

“Hello Mr Jaccard, I would like to thank you very much for your support in 2015. Be it at professional or personal level, you were always of great support to me. Your advice has been such a help over the last weeks and months.”

Head of Computer Science:

“I find it very helpful to have such a discerning sparring partner.”

Group Manager:

“Thank you for our brainstorming session. Yesterday's conversation helped me structure further strategic discussions.”

Company owner:

“Dear Mr Jaccard, as a member of the Board of Directors, you have made a significant contribution to the company's success in recent years and have contributed to our further developing the company. We would like to express our great thanks to you for this.”


“Thank you, Mr Jaccard, for your valuable coaching during this difficult phase.”


“Sparring with you was very enlightening, because we now have a clear approach.”


“Dear Mr Jaccard, I would once again like to thank you very much for our sparring sessions. Your insights helped me get much further.”

Clinic Director:

“Dear Mr. Jaccard, I am very grateful to you for your sparring partnership.”

Hospital Director:

“Dear Mr. Jaccard, thank you very much for the very good and personal support for the Strategy Roadmap.”