This is what our Healthcare customers say about us:

Head of IT, Clinic:

“It’s fascinating to me how Mr Jaccard can communicate in a target group-oriented manner. From “techies” to management: everyone understands him. He is always able to make the necessary project decisions in the various committees in a timely and binding manner.”

Head of Computer Science, Acute-Care Hospital:

“My compliments to the BYOD team for the work done!”

ERP Project Manager, Cantonal Hospital:

“Stramec took over the entire ERP integration test management just in time for the cutover, successfully implementing it with great skill in all departments.”

CFO, Acute-Care Hospital:

“Stramec Solutions AG took over as external partner and project manager for the ERP-Introduction in our acute-care hospital. Stramec Solutions AG’s key assets are its in-depth expertise and comprehensive skills in all required underlying areas of a complex ERP implementation: understanding process- and value-flows, system specifications, contract design, interface know-how for peripheral systems, system-user training, contract-compliant acceptance of the subprojects and the overall system. Stramec Solutions AG’s software independence is especially noteworthy. Stramec's strengths also include the targeted management of superusers in the subprojects as well as the external service providers (software suppliers, IT operators) to successfully meet the defined cost, scheduling, and operating objectives in this ERP project.”

Managing Director, Medical Centre:

“Through its strong engagement, goal-oriented focus, and serious commitment, Stramec successfully secured delivery commitments from all parties involved in this complex project. Stramec works efficiently, always maintaining the necessary interdisciplinary overview. Thanks to Stramec’s invaluable support as external project manager, we professionally implemented and successfully completed this demanding ERP introduction in a major acute-care hospital. I would like to thank you for the great support; our exchange yesterday was very valuable.”

Head of Financial Accounting, Hospital:

“Thank you very much for the good cooperation over the last two years.”

Head, Hospital Pharmacy:

“Once again, a very heartfelt thank-you to you, and my highest compliments for your work. Working with you was always (!) extremely pleasant, professional, and – most importantly – free of lofty ideas: words were always followed up by actions. We often got stuck and didn't know how to solve our problem: this is where you helped us out of the situation, and we were glad – more than once –you were project-manager! Also, without you, our ERP unit would never have been created; everyone would be doing things indiscriminately, rather than seeking the cooperation and dialogue they are today. For me, this is where your work as external consultant is particularly relevant: you make sure things don’t fall apart again after your departure, and that the project work can continue to bear fruit over the long term. Hats off! I look forward to hearing “Stramec will be taking over the project management!” for our future projects.”

Director of Nursing, Acute-Care Hospital:

“I found your introduction to the topic of BYOD to be good, succinct, and pertinent.”