Just like you, we prefer the practical.

Under the leadership of our Managing Director, Jean-Paul Jaccard, the Stramec team combines advanced specialist and project knowledge with state-of-the-art developments, and a wide range of practical and industry experience – as well as the ability to efficiently share the results of our work in a comprehensible way. A rare find! A rare find! .

Portrait von Jean-Paul Jaccard

Jean-Paul Jaccard, Managing Director

How we work and communicate.

Open, clear, structured, creative, interdisciplinary, sometimes unconventional, engaging, and with great enthusiasm. An introductory chat will convince you.

We reduce risk

With this skill-building and sparring partnership, you can reduce project risks.

We lead

Managing projects meaning leading them. Leading means bringing people together, developing, and implementing solutions. Implementation means taking decisions. Deadlines, costs, and output goals are always in focus.

We bring people together

Your application superusers are the key people who need to understand the value-flows and processes and map these in the system. The same also stands true for the system-supplier managers. We know both sides and bring them together to successful project completion.

Your benefit: We’re your sparring partner and backup!

We advise and accompany you as entirely system-agnostic and effective stakeholders before, during, and after the application is implemented. Or on an ad-hoc basis, to suit your needs. We know the best practices and use these to your full advantage. You can totally rely on our industry-, process-, and project-expertise. And on our ability to boil complex issues down to a simple, understandable denominator.