Objectives of ICT Strategy

In-house, Hybrid Cloud or Full Cloud? The strategic thrust has a significant impact on the telephone. But also the pending removal of patient universal terminals, the future alerting solution, the intermediary or the future mobile phone saturation of patients.

Additional and new requirements

Hoteliers and carers increasingly invoke the requirement for mobile management of patient orders (chat, SMS), cries of pain. But also video telephony, directory look up, localisation and MS team involvement have to be clarified.

Favoured technology and available infrastructure

What is your favourite: DECT, IP telephony, Wifi-Calling, 4G/5G Local, In-house Mobile TSP, M365, PBX-Cloud or PBX On Premise? Which standard should be retained? For example, DECT for alarms? What is the situation with licences and existing contracts? Which front ends are preferred: Cable links, mobile IOS, Android, soft client App?

Data logger and concierge

How do we replace MISA+ or is.Hospital? What about the present concierge/intermediaries? What should patient conversations still cost? Which interfaces are required?